This book is original and insightful. It is both an easy read and a page turner. You want to know what happens next! Through the creative storytelling ability and gentle humor of this author, you meet characters that amaze and at times shock you. You learn a bit about chicken catching and a lot about the real people who earned their livelihood from this business. What a wonderful story! Highly Recommended...

Charleen Cline

A Great Read! Way beyond Mayberry RFD and into the heart and soul of families making a living in the sixties South, especially Tennessee and Georgia. This book relates to every age and gives a deep insight into the lives of the people in the poultry industry.

Anne Coker Friend of The Library Toccoa, Georgia

Great Book and is a great story and well written by a great author on his experiences. This book is funny, true, and most of all hard to put down A Page Turner and I recommend to all.

Chet Grimsley Author: The White Golden Bull

I got the book last weekend and read it immediately. It was a very easy read. I loved the bold language that was used in the book.The book told a story of a young man who grew up leading a hard life in the chicken business, but he had some wonderful times with all the characters that he worked with, lived with, etc. I would suggest this book to anyone.

Denson Hamby

I have read the book and must say it touched all the emotions in me. Your recall back fifty years was awesome- the detail of persons, the trucks, the chicken crates the places you traveled.

Doris H. Olnick

The book is terrific! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The viewpoint, the characters, the honesty--it was just a very good read.

James Richard Arp