Joe Cobb Crawford Hatches a New Novel

When the Chickens Come Home to Roost, has now flown the coop. Through its pages, readers are introduced to more true and colorful characters who populated "The Poetry Company: Memoirs of a Chicken Catcher". This mystery novel has a bit of a twist to it, however. Those rough and rowdy Chicken Catchers of the first book now become the background for a story of intrique, told in Joe Crawford's unforgettable style.

Through his unique narratives and plot development, Joe poignantly depicts those who lived on the upper rung of the Great Copper Basin's social ladder in the early 1960s, and those on the bottom. Thanks to a mule, two suspicious deaths, and a reluctant Yankee transplant, these two totally diverse social sets find their lives entwined in ways neither side could ever have imagined, often with unimaginable consequences. You'll first cackle with laughter but then be left squawking with horror as the truth surrounding two mysterious deaths is revealed!